Fort Pitt Block House


Maureen Mahoney Hill worked with the Fort Pitt Society, owners and operators of the Fort Pitt Block House, for almost three years to secure the funding needed for a comprehensive restoration of the historic structure as well as to plan and lead Block House 250, a year-long, citywide celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Block House. This anniversary commemoration of Pittsburgh’s oldest authenticated structure provided the Fort Pitt Society with a unique opportunity to build internal capacity and begin focusing on the future sustainability of the Block House as a historic site and museum. In addition to the successful restoration and preservation project on the building, full funding was secured for the design and installation of a memorial garden and to enhance communications including the development of the first ever Block House website, electronic and print newsletters, new program brochures and a video. A record number of visitors toured the site leading up to and through the Block House 250 celebrations resulting in dramatic increases in money raised through souvenir sales and other efforts.